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Simple Margin Bread Rig

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Simple Margin Bread Rig Empty Simple Margin Bread Rig

Post by richcherr on Wed Nov 02, 2011 5:26 am

Hello All,

Iíve only ever really taken from the forum so I thought I would try to give something back. Below (hopefully) is a diagram of my simple margin fishing bread rig (be gentle). I know itís very very basic but I have had a lot of success with this method and hope it will be of use to someone out there, perhaps other inexperienced anglers like me who can get a bit over-awed with complicated carp-style rigs.

The diagram should be self-explanatory. I would add that the choice of hook-length, main-line, hook and lead are obviously to suit conditions, species and expected fish size. The most important thing (in my opinion) is that the bread (tin loaf or tiger bread) be hair-rigged crust-to crust. I find the base of the loaf is the toughest. With a gentle underarm flick into the margins this should stay on for at least c. 45 mins but this regularly stays on for longer. I add the fake corn etc. just to ease my mind. For the loose feed I take some bread place it in the landing net and leave it to soften in the water for a while then before squeezing it a little and mashing. At this stage you can add other offerings such as corn, pellets, dead maggots etc. before feeding the margin. I like to use a fake version of the offerings below the bread which also acts as a large hair-stop. Something large to act as hair-stop is required, hence the option for a pellet or meat peg. The float stops on the main-line act as a bolt rig but can obviously be moved up the line for conversion to a running rig. You can use a static alarm set up for this but I prefer using one of the cheap rod bite alarms (c. £4-5 on ebay) so I have a roving set-up. There is something about bread (donít know what it is) that seems to bring bites very quickly. Very often my first couple of fish of the day are caught on this method.

Tight lines, rich c
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Simple Margin Bread Rig Empty Re: Simple Margin Bread Rig

Post by longshot on Wed Nov 02, 2011 6:29 am

That rig will certainly work, as well as being simple it is also safe as the lead will pull off in the event of any brakage. I'm a great believer in keeping things simple, and of course bread will always catch Carp. Nice one Rich, and one for the newcomers to fishing to learn from.Thanks for posting it here.

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