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Know your maggots

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Know your maggots

Post by Dando on Tue Oct 14, 2008 4:58 am

Maggots are the most popular bait of all time for coarse anglers. Fish of all sizes love them, the problem being that if your after the bigger fish in a water, the little ones will get to your bait first.

They are sold in different colours, with red and white being the most popular. Some say the colour of a maggot makes a difference others don't. I think perch may show a preference for red maggots, but I wouldn't have proof. It's maybe just a confidence thing, or maybe colour does make a difference?

If you are getting pestered by small fish on single maggot, change to double or triple maggot. This will very often sort out the bigger fish, keeping the little ones at bay.

Three Types of Maggot.There are 3 types of maggot.

1 - Large Whites - walk into a tackle shop, ask for a pint of maggots and these are the type you will get. They are the larvae of the bluebottle fly. How many have spilt some maggots in the car and had bluebottles buzzing all around your head whilst driving, once they hatch out.

2 - Pinkies - smaller than the conventional maggot, they are the larvae of the greenbottle fly. They are about half the size of a large white, but are much more active. They are noted for doing the great escape from your maggot box, even if it gets slightly damp, so be aware!

They are a great bait when the going gets hard and will wriggle on the hook in the coldest of conditions.Best used on a small hook. I've used a single pinkie on a size 24 hook, to tempt bites in winter. Double pinkie on a size 18 can also be a good bet.

3 - Squatts or Feeders - The larvae of the common house fly. These are the smallest of the lot. They have to be kept in sand. A bait that you don't seem to hear so much of these days. I've used double squatt on a 20's hook in winter in the past, but I think a bait more for the matchman.


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Re: Know your maggots

Post by Stotty on Tue Oct 14, 2008 9:50 am

I will also add to this

The caster is the crysalis of the maggot. A top Roach bait.

Tackle stores will sell them loose or sometimes wrapped up in news paper, take them out and put them in a bait pot as soon as possible.

Casters can be put into a pot of water to separate out the sinkers from the floaters. Most prefer to fish with the sinkers but occasionally a surface fished caster is a killer i have used the floaters freelined to take carp off the top.

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