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Groundbait (all about it and its preparation)

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Groundbait (all about it and its preparation)  Empty Groundbait (all about it and its preparation)

Post by Stotty on Mon Jun 04, 2012 3:29 am

Groundbait is the perfect attractor for most fish. A carefully placed ball or two of the right groundbait can increase the chance of fish being attracted and drawn straight to your hookbait tenfold.

It is one off the most effective methods for Bream fishing and i have used it for per-baiting spots on the river for years.

Back in the day we used to make our own using Brown crumb etc etc with the change of bought groundbaits bread crumbs are simply used as a bulking agent in most groundbaits this day and age. lets face it you can pick up a 2.5kg bags for around £3.00 from you tackle shop.

The most commonly known red mix is Van den Eynde Expo. (you may have seen Matt Hays using this) This is a renown tench groundbait, but it also attracts bream and carp too. Tench respond well to red groundbaits, but most other fish donít care much for this colour. Can leave out me old mates at Bait Zone

Groundbait (all about it and its preparation)  Bait-zone-groundbait-%28green%29-3ltr-bucket-stick-mix-and-ground-bait-p7145-01

A fishmeal groundbait is by far the best type of groundbait to use for bottom feeding fish such as bream. The inactivity of the groundbait on the bottom will ensure that the fish remain on the bottom, right where your hookbait will be.

In my match days the key to preparing a good ground baits is not to get it to wet.

1.pour your selected dry mixes into your bowl or bucket

Groundbait (all about it and its preparation)  Bucket-riddle

2.Make sure the entire it is well mixed

3.Add the water in with a sponge dribbling it

4.You want the ground baits so they are no wet or dry areas, you want it damp

5.The secret is to get plenty of air into it

7.With the riddle / sieve put your entire mix through it and squash and lumps out.

8.You want to do this a couple of times and you will notice how fluffy the mix becomes

You want that mix as light and as fluffy as you can get it but if you get a hand full and squeeze it it will just bind.

But like all rules there is an exception in deep water or powerful rivers, where the angler requires the groundbait to sink straight to the bottom before it begins to release any particles and loosefeed contained within the groundbait balls you need to make the groundbait quite sticky, I have found the addition on ground nuts and good old molasses can make it a bit tougher.

Groundbaits do specific jobs,we all know colours,food content,activity,smell and the way we mix,have different effects on the final mix. I have even made it up for pike and catfish putting in fish guts and fish oil.

You can custom mix all sorts i have done well in the winter months using ground corriander and fennal seeds added to my mix. (was it the mix was it the right peg?)

Groundbait (all about it and its preparation)  1catchGroundbait (all about it and its preparation)  Excellent
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