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rigs, 3- the patternoster

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rigs, 3- the patternoster Empty rigs, 3- the patternoster

Post by geejay on Sat Mar 15, 2008 10:21 am

- an old name and fairly generic as there are many different varients.

the basic term refers to a rig body that carries 1 or more snoods above the lead.

hook/s , lead link, swivel, + depending on how you attach the snoods to the rig body, beads/more small swivels and crimp material. and bait clips if you want to make a clipped down rig.

basic build;- (flapper)
take a length of rig body nylon ( same or greater bs as your shockleader if used)
approx 2-4ft , or up to about 6ft, ( the length of your casting 'drop' will dictate maximum length).
tie a lead link to one end , at a distance above the lead link make a snood that stands off the main rig body, this can be done in several ways.

1, tie a blood loop or water knot in the rig body and leave a long enough tag to attach the hook, or leave a small blood loop and attach snood length via a loop to loop knot.

2, most popular, slide a crimp then a bead then a small swivel followed by another bead and crimp and crimp the beads to trap the swivel in the desired position, then tie snood to swivel.
crimp types,- metal crush crimp, breakaway coil crimps, or in the old days tightly coiled telephone wire.

( see pic 1)

3, either tie in or trap a boom between beads to help snoods stand away from the rest of the rig. ( i don't bother with them)

and repeat again further up the rigbody for multiple snoods,

and finally tie a strong swivel to the top of the rig body.

points to remember- ensure snoods are short or far enough apart not to tangle with each other if useing multiple snoods.

i'll get to various clipped down versions later.

piccy/s to follw~(somewhen)
pic 1,
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