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rigs, 2- the flowing trace.

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rigs, 2- the flowing trace. Empty rigs, 2- the flowing trace.

Post by geejay on Sat Mar 15, 2008 10:15 am

some times known as a running ledger.-------

pretty much self explanitary,
carp anglers may be familiar with this simple rig as 'fixed lead' rigs, i hear, are now banned on some waters.

components;- hook, swivel, bead, leadlink, snood material.

thread lead link on to your shockleader/mainline , followed by the bead to protect the knot from damage .
tie a swivel to the end of your mainline/leader and add the snood to the other eye.

(snood length is up to you, 2-3ft is average but anything from 10inch - 6ft really, though above 4 ft can give problems with casting).

tie hook to other end of snood, bait up, add a lead to the link and game on.

a simple basic rig that can be used any where in any conditions,
good for just about any species with various baits and hooksizes.

the down side;-
not many really, -not very aerodynamic and likely to tangle if bait spins around main line when cast hard.

i used to love this rig for estuary flatties as there was no need to power cast and i'd often tie in a dropper with a water knot or a blood loop about 3/4 the way down the snood. keep the dropper short though else it will tangle or use a small boom to separate them ( cotton bud stems r good).

piccy here when i can find one.

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Sea Specialist

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