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sea rigs thread.

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sea rigs thread. Empty sea rigs thread.

Post by geejay on Sat Mar 15, 2008 10:10 am

plz bare with me,
i'll add bits and pieces and hope to cover most common rigs used and their varients and applications.

with out a doubt i don't know it all so plz feel free to add to this thread.
i'm not a match angler and with out a doubt its these guys who are the most inovative when it comes to rig design .

first some preamble,

rigs/terminal tackle, --- the stuff thats on the end of your line to aide presentation , improve casting, minimalise tangles & hopefully retrieve a hooked fish .

in salt water angling from the shore there are varying methods of approach most of which depend on conditions/venue and target species.
( much the same as fresh water angling,)

which imho, can be devided into 3 categorys;-

1, spinning,lures/freeline.

2, float fishing.

3, bait fishing on or near the sea bed.

but there's no hard and fast rules so some rigs and methods can cross categorys, experiment and you might find success with someting new.

some terms and slang explained-

a length of line stronger than your mainline to absorb the stress of casting.
which must run from your lead/ or rig body, with the lead in casting position , up through the rod rings ,down to the reel and at least 6 turns around the spool.

this is a safety precaution to prevent line parting mid cast and sending a lead hurtleing off in an undesired direction where it may cause damage, injury or possibly death to a bystander.

the equasion is at least 10 lb breaking strain per oz of lead cast.
ie,- i fish with 5-6oz leads most often hence my reels are fitted with shock leader of 70-80 lb breaking strain.
the only times i would dispense with a leader are as follows..

when i'm useing leads of 3oz or less( main line= 18lb)
or when i'm billy no mates on the beach and there is no one else for miles,though if i've got plenty of space a gentle casting technique (overhead) holds little risk.

rig body.-
a length of line stretching from your lead to a conecting swivel, and used to carry 1 or more snoods above the lead.
this must be = to or greater b/s than your shockleader or the shockleader is pointless and ineffective.

a length of line to carry the hook/s away from the rest of the rig.

2 hooks set in tandem one above the other on one snood to improve hooking and presentation of large baits.

beads/sequins and shiney things added to rigs as an attractor.

the length of line between your rod top and the lead when about to cast.

' one down'-
in a patternoster , the one down is a snood long enough to hang below the lead,

clipped down, or up.-
the use of bait clips to stop snoods flapping about during the cast.

a rig without bait clips.
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Sea Specialist

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