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rigs, 6- the up n over

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rigs, 6- the up n over Empty rigs, 6- the up n over

Post by geejay on Tue Mar 18, 2008 4:56 pm

sometimes known as a -long n low.

pourpose- fish an extra long snood below the lead like a flowing trace but fixed but stream line it for casting, to stop it helecoptering.
a shorter one can be clipped 'up' the rig body which is probably where this rig stemmed from
but i out of habit i don't 'clip up' coz i like to keep the bait tight behind the lead in its slip stream. ( i'm gonna ask around about if there are any advantages to clipping up as opposed to down, while i give it some thought).

ok back to the up n over, select a rig body up to the max length of your usual 'drop'
tie on a lead link to one end and fit a bait clip just above it ( i prefer impact sheilds)
an inch or two above that make a stand off snood attachment ( i prefer a swivel trapped between beads and crimps).

(see pic 1)

At the other end fit an ordinary bait clip ( wire or plastic basic clip, not an impact sheild :roll: )
then connect to a strong swivel as an attachment to your shockleader .

(see pic 2, note no swivel fitted yet,)

snood line needs to be fairly stiff to avoid tangles id use 30lb minimum, preferably 'amnesia',
even upto shockleader b/s.
tie one end to the trapped swivel (2 inches of rig tube over the end of the swivel makes a light soft boom helps stop the snood wrapping around) and a hook or hooks on the other, length will be approx 2x that of the rig body as for casting the snood runs up to the top bait clip, over and back down to the clip above the lead.

good for rays with a double sandeel on pennelled hooks.
(see pic 3 for pennelled hooks)

pic 1,-


pic 3-

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